AC Series


Configuration:Horizontal Mechanical Sealed
Construction Materials:316 Stainless Steel
Motor HP (@ 3450 RPM):2.00
Motor Frames Available:56C, 71 with B14, 80 with B14, 90 with B14
Suction Port Size:1.25
Discharge Port Size:0.75
Connection Types Available:NPT or BSP
Impeller Diameter:4.75
Impeller Type:Closed
Std. Seal Material:Carbon, Ceramic, Viton
Seal Type:Bellows Type 21
O-Ring Materials Available:Viton, EPDM, PTFE
Bushing Materials Available:N/A
Max. Flow:82.7 gpm
Max. Head:88.5
Max. SG:1.8
Max. Pressure:100

AC Series Models

ModelConfigurationMax. FlowMax. Head
AC4Horizontal Mechanical Sealed39.1 gpm59.6
AC4Horizontal Mechanical Sealed37.1 gpm54.5
AC4Horizontal Mechanical Sealed33.3 gpm44.1
AC5Horizontal Mechanical Sealed73.2 gpm71.4
AC5Horizontal Mechanical Sealed70.0 gpm61.8
AC5Horizontal Mechanical Sealed95.0 gpm59.9
AC5Horizontal Mechanical Sealed105.0 gpm69.9
AC5Horizontal Mechanical Sealed76.7 gpm77.8
AC5Horizontal Mechanical Sealed82.7 gpm88.5
AC5Horizontal Mechanical Sealed110.0 gpm73.8
AC5Horizontal Mechanical Sealed123.0 gpm70.9
AC5Horizontal Mechanical Sealed138.5 gpm82.1
AC5Horizontal Mechanical Sealed122.0 gpm85.1
AC5Horizontal Mechanical Sealed112.0 gpm60.7
AC5Horizontal Mechanical Sealed145.0 gpm88.5
AC5HHorizontal Mechanical Sealed16.9 gpm96.0
AC5RHorizontal Mechanical Sealed93.7 gpm49.3
AC5RHorizontal Mechanical Sealed102.5 gpm57.4
AC5RHorizontal Mechanical Sealed77.0 gpm34.7
AC5RHorizontal Mechanical Sealed90.0 gpm43.9
AC5RHorizontal Mechanical Sealed124.5 gpm85.2
AC5RHorizontal Mechanical Sealed105.0 gpm42.7
AC5RHorizontal Mechanical Sealed116.0 gpm52.0
AC5RHorizontal Mechanical Sealed85.0 gpm28.9
AC5RHorizontal Mechanical Sealed99.5 gpm37.2
AC5RHorizontal Mechanical Sealed142.0 gpm79.0
AC6Horizontal Mechanical Sealed122.0 gpm136.6
AC6Horizontal Mechanical Sealed117.0 gpm123.0
AC6Horizontal Mechanical Sealed107.8 gpm107.0
AC6Horizontal Mechanical Sealed216.1 gpm129.6
AC6Horizontal Mechanical Sealed196.6 gpm116.8
AC6Horizontal Mechanical Sealed175.5 gpm102.0
AC6HHorizontal Mechanical Sealed100.0 gpm144.1
AC8Horizontal Mechanical Sealed321.2 gpm167.5
AC8Horizontal Mechanical Sealed242.0 gpm226.3
AC8Horizontal Mechanical Sealed242.0 gpm191.0
AC8Horizontal Mechanical Sealed318.3 gpm192.4
AC8Horizontal Mechanical Sealed242.0 gpm247.0
AC8Horizontal Mechanical Sealed242.0 gpm165.0
AC8HHorizontal Mechanical Sealed105.2 gpm205.5
AC8HHorizontal Mechanical Sealed105.5 gpm263.2