VKC Series


Construction Materials:Polypropylene or PVDF
Motor HP (@ 3450 RPM):1.00
Motor Frames Available:56C, 145TC, 80 with B14, 90 with B14
Suction Port Size:1.50
Discharge Port Size:1.25
Connection Types Available:NPT or BSP
Impeller Diameter:3
Impeller Type:Closed
Std. Seal Material:N/A
Seal Type:N/A
O-Ring Materials Available:Viton, EPDM
Bushing Materials Available:Carbon, PTFE, Ceramic
Max. Flow:53.2 gpm
Max. Head:33.2
Max. SG:1.8
Max. Pressure:45 PVDF, 35 Polypropylene

VKC Series Models

ModelConfigurationMax. FlowMax. Head
VKC10Vertical69.4 gpm54.3
VKC11Vertical73.9 gpm45.7
VKC11Vertical53.2 gpm33.2
VKC11Vertical93.8 gpm75.3
VKC11Vertical87.9 gpm59.6
VKC22Vertical180.0 gpm63.4
VKC22Vertical165.0 gpm114.9
VKC22Vertical241.0 gpm141.8
VKC22Vertical204.5 gpm96.7
VKC22Vertical199.5 gpm77.0
VKC22Vertical193.3 gpm142.0
VKC22Vertical129.4 gpm72.9
VKC22Vertical149.4 gpm92.4
VKC22Vertical201.3 gpm150.7
VKC5.5Vertical31.3 gpm36.7
VKC6Vertical33.0 gpm39.8
VKC6HVertical38.0 gpm55.0
VKC7Vertical52.3 gpm36.8
VKC8Vertical66.6 gpm42.6