MSKC Series


Configuration:Horizontal Multi-stage
Construction Materials:Polypropylene or PVDF
Motor HP (@ 3450 RPM):1.50
Motor Frames Available:56C, 71 with B14, 80 with B14, 90 with B14
Suction Port Size:1.50
Discharge Port Size:1.00
Connection Types Available:NPT or BSP
Impeller Diameter:3.5 + 3.19
Impeller Type:Closed
Std. Seal Material:N/A
Seal Type:N/A
O-Ring Materials Available:Viton, EPDM
Bushing Materials Available:Carbon, PTFE, Ceramic
Max. Flow:50.5 gpm
Max. Head:75.4
Max. SG:1.8
Max. Pressure:80

MSKC Series Models

ModelConfigurationMax. FlowMax. Head
MSKCHorizontal Multi-stage58.5 gpm89.8
MSKCHorizontal Multi-stage56.0 gpm78.6
MSKCHorizontal Multi-stage50.5 gpm75.4
MSKCHorizontal Multi-stage48.5 gpm71.2
MSKCHorizontal Multi-stage61.0 gpm98.5